Harold Mims is "A visionary American composer who believes music is a gift transcending directly from God and can be utilized to reach the soul and heart of humanity."
Harold performimg on the Blue Dog piano at LSU!

Harold Mims is an American composer, arranger, orchestrator, and pianist. He is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. He and his wife Barbara attended Henry Ford High School in Detroit, Michigan. They studied music under the direction of their band director and mentor, Mr. Benjamin L. Pruitt, Sr. Harold excelled on French horn and piano and soon gained a reputation as an arranger and composer which led to a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he earned a B.M. in Commercial Arranging.  In 2003, he received a M.A. in Jazz Pedagogy from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Harold received a Ph.D. in Music Composition from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, in 2017.


Mims has composed and arranged music for the Baton Rouge Symphony, Acadiana Symphony featuring Marc Broussard, and the Midland Symphony. He has also served as Minister of Music creating arrangements and orchestrations for several churches and artists throughout the United States. Arrangements and orchestrations created for the Detroit Public Schools Evening of Fine Arts Concert include A Tribute to Ray Charles, The Detroit Arts Connection, A Legacy in Pop Song and Jazz, and An Evening of Elegance.


Mims believes music is a gift transcending directly from God and can be utilized to reach the soul and heart of humanity. He seeks to release the emotion in music while connecting heart-to-heart and head-to-head with the listener. He is comfortably at home with all styles and ensembles whether it be classical, jazz, rock, sacred, orchestral, wind ensemble, big band, choral, or chamber group.


Mims is the founder of Harold Mims Music  serving clients as an arranger, composer, orchestrator, keyboardist, educator, and producer. He produced the debut CD for artist and drummer Kobie Watkins entitled, Involved (Origin Records) that was released on May 19, 2009.


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